Balanced Financial, Inc. – Income Planning for Retirement

Many of us work our entire careers without adequately preparing for retirement. Americans fall short when it comes to funding retirements; the average U.S. citizen has far less than needed to live comfortably. Greg W. Anderson, a financial services professional and the founder of Balanced Financial, Inc. in Fort Collins, Colorado, knows that it is never too late to create a strategy for retirement income.

The Process Begins with Planning

Too often, workers do not have a clear understanding of the retirement savings options available to them. People approaching retirement age – those in their 50s and 60s – sometimes believe that pensions and Social Security benefits will be enough to cover retirement expenses. Unfortunately, these income options are often insufficient.

To maximize retirement benefits and to lay the groundwork for a stable financial future, Greg Anderson recommends income planning. As both a Certified Estate Advisor (CEA), and a Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP), Greg has helped hundreds of clients with the retirement planning process. Part of planning requires a fundamental shift in thinking; during our working lives, we concentrate on setting money aside for retirement savings, but this is not the same as having retirement income. By carefully assessing a client’s current financial situation, exploring future financial goals, and creating a roadmap for steady, secure income, Greg’s planning services have been invaluable.

Defining Goals

What do you want to do when you retire? Do you want to travel the world, buy a new home, or live a simple life? Each of these potential goals represents distinctive financial goals, and as such require different strategies. The retirement planning professionals at Fort Collins’ Balanced Financial have decades of experience in this arena, allowing Greg Anderson and his team to develop customized retirement plans for each client. Understanding your retirement goals and how to achieve them is a fundamental aspect of structuring retirement plans. With this information, clients can not only set money aside for future expenses, but can also ensure a reliable source of income at retirement and well beyond. A stable financial future can be yours with the help of Greg Anderson and Balanced Financial, Inc.