Credit card perks you can earn if you have excellent credit

  1. Rewards: While even cards that accept bad credit can offer rewards, the rewards steadily improve as your credit improves and you qualify for better cards. I call and check on this annually and it works.  You have to ask for these perks.
  2. Benefits: Benefits for the cardholder with excellent credit can include access to airport lounges, annual credits for travel, travel fees and even shopping at exclusive retailers. There can also be numerous shopping and travel benefits such as extended warranties and car rental insurance.
  3. Types of cards: With good to excellent credit, your options open up considerably to include cards with 0% APR, loyalty cards like airline and hotel cards, business cards, even luxury cards with exceptional benefits.
  4. Interest rates: There are a few things you should do once you achieve excellent credit, including doing a loan check to see if you can get better rates, including calling your card issuers.
  5. Higher available credit: Also, a better credit score can get you higher credit limits, which not only give you access to more money, but also can improve your score further by lowering your credit utilization ratio.